Why go digital?

In the modern legal workplace, it is more important than ever to take advantage of technology as digital solutions can greatly contribute to your success. And now, with Exhibit 5, going digital is cheaper than ever before. Need more convincing? Here's just a few more reasons why you should schedule your next proceeding with e5:

The power of the video

Capturing unspoken testimony

A written record alone fails to completely capture the essence of any event, given that key non-verbal indicators are largely omitted from testimony. Videotaped proceedings provide a much more comprehensive record of testimony as body language, demeanor, and voice expression serve to support and enhance the reading of a transcript. Learn more  about our video deposition services. 

Convincing the jury

A video record of deposition testimony serves as a powerful litigation tool in the courtroom. Studies indicate jurors remember approximately 80% of what they see as opposed to 20% of what they hear. Learn more about our alternative to court stenography services.

Transcript corroboration

A video record of deposition testimony serves to reinforce the veracity of the written transcript. Exhibit 5 reporters create all transcripts straight from the video record, ensuring that you are provided with the most accurate product possible. Learn more about legal transcriptions.

Other digital resources

Electronic transcripts

At Exhibit 5, we pride ourselves on being eco-friendly, and therefore, we only provide paperless, electronic transcripts. Transcripts are filed along with corresponding videos and exhibits on our secure online repository. Our standard transcript format is a PDF bundle. Each transcript order comes with a fully searchable full-size transcript, a condensed version, word index, and ASCII file.

Exhibit filing and OCR

We scan and electronically file all exhibits on our online repository. Exhibits are processed with OCR, optical code recognition, making them fully searchable, and thus enabling you to quickly locate key points.

Time stamping technology

Our unique time stamped transcripts are correlated to the online video file for easy reference.

Video on the go

Download your free video to any electronic or mobile device for easy access and on the go viewing.