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Exhibit 5 is Chicago's leading provider of video deposition services. Our unique to the industry, two in one video deposition and legal transcription service provides clients much more for the same price as a court stenographer. Video depositions are the ideal choice for both the evidence and discovery phases of litigation and are often an essential component in developing a winning strategy. Our clients, who work in a variety of legal fields, including employment, personal injury, family, business, and more, choose video depositions over court stenographers in order to take advantage of the benefits of using video depositions. 

What are video depositions?

An attorney taking a video deposition simply elects to have the record captured by means of a legal videographer, as opposed to a court stenographer. Exhibit 5 utilizes high definition quality video equipment that is small and unobtrusive to effectively memorialize video deposition testimony.

Why choose video depositions?

Video depositions can be used by any litigator to gain a winning edge in their case. Testimony captured in a video deposition is often played at trial to demonstrate a witness's demeanor and body language, and therefore, replaying a video deposition at trial can be a much more effective method of presenting testimony to the jury. Litigators should also use video depositions exclusively given that having a video record of a deposition provides that attorney an excellent opportunity to impeach a witness who changes his or her testimony come trial. Finally, scheduling a video deposition with Exhibit 5 saves you money, as our clients receive a free copy of their videos online following each proceeding. Online videos can be accessed from our website within 24 hours of a video deposition and played on a variety of mobile devices.

How do I schedule my video deposition?

Scheduling a video deposition with Exhibit 5 couldn't be easier. Simply visit our online scheduling page, call our office at (312) 945-7784 or (312) 945-7785, or send an email with your video deposition scheduling request to info@exhibit5.com.

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