Court stenographer Chicago

For many years, court stenographers were the only option available to attorneys for their court reporting needs. A court stenographer is trained to make a verbatim record and transcription of legal proceedings.

While most court stenographers are highly skilled and competent in their job performance, employing digital solutions can help minimize the chance that a typographical error will affect the outcome of an attorney's case.

More than your average courtroom stenographer

As technology has progressed, attorneys now have the option to choose a digital court reporter, as opposed to a court stenographer. By employing a digital court reporting firm like Exhibit 5 over a court stenographer, attorneys are choosing a more trusted, verifiable option for their legal transcriptions. 

Like court stenographers, Exhibit 5's legal transcription team is highly trained in transcript production, but they also have the luxury of being able to replay testimony and reference exhibits while completing a transcript, ensuring our clients receive the most accurate record possible.

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