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Exhibit 5 Video Deposition & Transcript Services

Specializing in video deposition and electronic transcript services, proudly serving the Chicagoland area since 2012. 


Phone: 312.945.7784/312.945.7785



  • Free online video with every deposition

  • Competitive attendance fees and transcription rates

  • Online repository provides secure 24/7 access to videos, transcripts, and exhibits

  • Schedule proceedings, order transcripts, and make payments online

  • Quick turnaround on transcript orders with expedited delivery options available

  • Digital video editing

About Exhibit 5


Exhibit 5's unique, two-in-one approach to depositions combines both videography and transcription services for the price of one, essentially eliminating the need to hire both a stenographer and videographer to capture testimony.


Exhibit 5 videographers, all officers authorized to administer oaths in the state of Illinois, videotape proceedings using high definition video equipment and professional audio gear. Within 24 hour of a proceeding, participating attorneys receive a free copy of the video and have the option of ordering a transcript prepared straight from the video record by our team of highly trained legal transcriptionists. Videos, transcripts, and exhibits are filed electronically and made available to clients 24/7 on our secure, easy to use online repository. 

The e5 team, led by founder Erin Marshall, is dedicated to providing our clients the finest customer support, as well as making digital solutions more accessible and affordable than ever before. Schedule your next deposition with Exhibit 5 today and see how taking advantage of the latest innovations in legal videography can benefit your practice.


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