Our First Year in Review!

With our one year anniversary just days away, we’re inviting you to take a look back with us at our first year in business.  This collection of press releases, newsletters, and media articles follows Exhibit 5 from our inception in June of 2012 to today.  It’s been quite a year, and we could not have done it without your support.   Thank you for helping us grow!

June 2012



New Style of Court Reporting Blows into the Windy City

Attention Attorneys! Exhibit 5, Chicago’s newest digital court reporting agency has arrived.

Chicago, June 2012: Exhibit 5, LLC, the latest digital court reporting agency to hit the Chicago market, launched today. Exhibit 5 offers clients videography services as an affordable, convenient, and technologically innovative alternative to traditional methods of court reporting, effectively eliminating the need for costly stenographers in legal proceedings. Exhibit 5′s free video service, price match guarantee, and referral rewards program are just a few of the agency’s unique offers that set it apart from its big-name competitors.

Entrepreneurs, Brittany Primack and Erin Sloan, formerly of Textnet, are the minds behind this new business venture. Primack and Sloan both come to Exhibit 5 from prior management positions in the digital reporting industry. “Over the last few years, Erin and I have taken on nearly every role imaginable in the digital reporting field,” Primack stated. “Approaching this endeavor with operational knowledge at all levels of the business has been a key factor in crafting Exhibit 5′s mission. Above all, we have found that client satisfaction rests primarily on the strength of an agency’s customer service team, and therefore, we move forward with Exhibit 5 bearing in mind the importance of maintaining a dedicated support staff.”

Exhibit 5′s digital services are made available for a variety of legal proceedings, including, but not limited to depositions, arbitrations, and mediations. Primack and Sloan hope to curb the misconception that legal videography is too expensive and impractical an option for most proceedings. “We believe that taking advantage of technology is an important factor for success in the modern legal workplace, and thus we strive to keep our services both accessible and affordable,” Sloan noted.

In addition to Exhibit 5′s money-saving initiatives and dedication to superior service, a video record of deposition testimony has the added benefit of transcript corroboration and can serve as a powerful litigation tool in the courtroom. Other Exhibit 5 digital resources, including electronic, time stamped transcripts, free exhibit filing, and 24/7 access to a secure, easy to use online repository serve to support and enhance the effectiveness of any litigator’s process. “We invite you to experience a new style of court reporting and discover the positive impact digital solutions can have on your practice with Exhibit 5.”

Exhibit 5, LLC is a Chicago-based digital court reporting agency established in 2012 by founders Brittany Primack and Erin Sloan. Exhibit 5, also known as e5, offers its clients legal videography services as an inexpensive, accessible, and technologically innovative alternative to stenography. e5 is a small, local business whose mission, above all else, is to provide its clients the most exceptional customer support.


If you would like more information, call or email Erin Sloan at (312) 945-7784, esloan@exhibit5.com

July 2012

Check out Exhibit 5 in Crain’s Chicago Business!


Exhibit 5: Founded by Brittany Primack and Erin Sloan, this Gold Coast startup offers videography services to lawyers. Exhibit 5 records video of legal proceedings such as depositions, arbitrations and mediations. The agency says a video record of deposition testimony can serve as a powerful litigation tool in the courtroom. Exhibit 5 also offers electronic, time-stamped transcripts, free exhibit filing and 24/7 access to a secure, easy-to-use online repository.

More: http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20120710/BLOGS06/120719993/wine-and-music-apartment-searches-legal-video-and-more#ixzz2WVazNMBQ

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August 2012

D I G I T A L    C O U R T    R E P O R T I N G

Attention Attorneys!

Take advantage of our special summer promotion!  For each new client you refer to Exhibit 5 who schedules a proceeding, you will receive your choice of a $100 gift card to Park Grill or $150 in free Exhibit 5 services.  Plus, all new clients will receive 25% off of their first booking.* Schedule your next proceeding with Exhibit 5 today!

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*Must mention offer at the time of scheduling.  Transcript orders not included. Offer expires 9.1.12

September 2012

celebrate with exhibit 5!
Featured Article
Stenography vs. Digital Reporting: A Battle for the Ages
Capulet vs. Montague.  Sammy Sosa vs. Mark McGwire.  Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift. Much like these storied feuds of literature and history, the enduring battle between stenography and electronic reporting rages on into the digital age as both sides refuse to relinquish their claims of superiority.  Stenographers will argue that their extensive training in the art of shorthand reporting makes them uniquely qualified to capture testimony completely and accurately, but as a digital reporter, I couldn’t disagree more.

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Attention Attorneys!
September is Exhibit 5 Co-Founder Brittany Primack’s
birthday month and we’d like to invite you to join in on the celebration.  In honor of her special day, we are offering a special birthday promotion all month long.  Schedule a proceeding before September 30th, and receive 20% off, plus a dozen cupcakes hand delivered by the birthday girl herself.
Thanks for making this month special.
Brittany Primack & Erin Sloan
Exhibit 5 Digital Court Reporting

Save 20% & Receive a Special Cupcake Delivery!

In honor of Brittany’s birthday, you will receive 20% off of your first scheduling in the month of September, plus a dozen cupcakes!*

*Must mention this offer at the time of scheduling.  Offer valid for attendance fees only.
Offer Expires: October 1st, 2012

D I G I T A L    C O U R T    R E P O R T I N G
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