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If I’ve learned anything since we first opened e5′s doors in the summer of 2012, it’s that many attorneys are creatures of habit.  The idea of making the transition to digital court reporting or even scheduling with a different stenographer is out of the question for some. Perhaps this unwillingness is out of a sense of loyalty to a particular reporting firm, but in the event that it is not and you’re simply weary of trying something new, I’d like to offer a guide to using e5 in hopes of allaying any concerns about going digital.

Step 1: Scheduling

Scheduling a proceeding with Exhibit 5 couldn’t be easier.  Simply visit our online scheduling page here, SCHEDULE NOW, call our office at 312.945.7784, or send an email with your scheduling request to info@exhibit5.com  You will receive an email confirmation following your scheduling, as well as another email 24 hours before the proceeding as a reminder.

Step 2: Day of the Proceeding

Your digital court reporter will arrive, with snacks in hand, approximately 30 minutes before the scheduled proceeding.  To start, the reporter will make a brief introduction and swear the witness. From there, you are ready to go!  Your reporter is available throughout the deposition to replay any testimony, mark exhibits, and help keep you organized if you require any additional assistance.

Step 3: Day after the Proceeding

Within 24 hours of the proceeding, you will receive an email from an Exhibit 5 representative notifying you that your video and exhibits are now available to download from our website, www.exhibit5.com. Simply log in with your username and password provided at the time of scheduling to access your video and exhibits.  At this time, if you would like to order a transcript, simply click the order button on the right of the screen. You will receive an email confirming your order shortly after it is placed, and your transcript will then be prepared straight from the video record.

Step 4: Transcript Delivery

Standard transcript delivery is seven to ten days.  Faster turnaround options are available for an extra charge.  Once your transcript is complete, you will receive notification via email that your transcript is available to download from our website, www.exhibit5.com. Simply log in with your username and password to access your transcript.

And that’s it!  If you are interested in learning more about how our online repository works, please feel free to log in to our website with the following demo credentials:

Username: Mason     Password: 3333

We are also happy to visit your office at any time and provide a free demonstration to ensure you’re completely comfortable with our process.  If you are interested in additional services, including video editing, video text sync, or conference room space, please contact our office.
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