Go Green with Exhibit 5!

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it is only fitting that we take this opportunity to talk about an aspect of Exhibit 5 of which we are very proud: being green!  Our unique, paperless approach to court reporting differentiates Exhibit 5 from much of our competition.  Although we understand the legal industry requires quite a bit of paper consumption, we have made it a core tenant of our business to minimize wastefulness.  Consequently, we have designed our internet repository to serve as an electronic filing resource for our clients, as opposed to providing paper copies of all documents.

Upon scheduling with Exhibit 5, each new client receives a unique username and password that enables them to access this repository.  Once logged in, clients find their videos, transcripts, and exhibits filed by case.  We find this system to be a secure, easily accessible resource that not only keeps our clients organized, but also helps us remain committed to being green.

Exhibit 5 makes both transcripts and exhibits available to our clients in PDF format.  Transcript orders come with a fully searchable, full-sized PDF transcript, as well as a condensed version, ASCII, and clickable word index.  Similarly, all exhibits are scanned and filed electronically alongside each proceeding.  We apply OCR, optical code recognition, technology to exhibits, making them full searchable and enabling clients to quickly locate key points in a document.  We find that the benefits of these electronic documents far outweigh their paper counterparts.

So in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, help support our eco-friendly initiatives and “go green” with Exhibit 5!

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